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About Us

How you can save time & money in your Business

We’re a team of specialists in different business fields with over 7 years expertise in the local market. We are well equipped to handle all your business needs and have an excellent comprehension of finding the most practical & cost saving SOLUTION to the problem.

Who We Are

We, at ABLE, works with one simple mission, which is to provide simple and practical solutions to our clients business needs or problems when doing business in the UAE or in the MENA region.

We aim to collect combined wisdom from all sectors of professionals so that you can focus only on the integral part of your business. We act as a consortium of professionals and specialists who are proven to have the depth of knowledge and experience in the local market. This TEAM will act and advise for you and will look after other non core business issues so that you can focus on making your business work.

We work with only the those who are proven to be effective and experienced in each business field. We do not simply go for the big names only as often those names just mean additional fees for bearing their brand on papers. If you are looking for local experts with local experience who can give the most practical advice and direction that works, look no further and talk with us.
Able Consultancy Office
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

An Excellent Consortium of Professional Services

Our aim is only to find the most practical & cost saving SOLUTION to the problem our client is facing in the market. Often the best solution may not be the legally correct solution but is to find a practical and cost effective way to deal with any problems you may face especially when doing business in the Middle East.

Why Choose Us

Management Consultancy

We will provide you with the clear guideline & most practical support available and focusing on finding solutions.

Legal Advisory Support

We work with our trusted and reliable partner law firms located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi providing excellent legal advises.

Company Representation

We have been serving over 20 large corporations with Trustee Service and not even a single incident or complaint that we have received.

Market Research

We work with a specialist B2B networking advisory firms and market research consultants to meet the needs of our trading clients.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We have our in-house accounting specialists who work with a Chartered Accountants firms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Business Setup

We have a dedicated team of business consultants and PROs to handle all your business registration works in the United Arab Emirates.

Emergency Helpline

Our team of Arabic staff can be dispatched to provide emergency support and on call to help out for whatever your Arabic needs are.

Business Concierge

Our customers continue to engage our firm & our associated partner firms to support their everyday business support needs

Logistics Support

We provide a diverse range of logistics support services suited for your business needs while in the United Arab Emirates