ADNOC In-Country Value (ICV) Program

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ADNOC In-Country Value program is an acquirement drove activity which is intended to accomplish ideal incentive from ADNOC country’s oil and gas assets.

  • The activity will convey in nation esteem by concentrating on three center regions:
  • GDP enhancement through expanded use on neighborhood products and enterprises
  • Emiratisation and self-awareness open doors for UAE Nationals in the private division
  • The limitation of vital capacities for basic store network works in the oil and gas industry.
  • To effectively execute ADNOC In-Country Value system, we will require the collaboration and support of ADNOC providers.


ADNOC’s In-Country Value (ICV) program has been implemented since the beginning of 2018, and offers suppliers new opportunities to conduct business with ADNOC Group

From mid 2018, both existing and current providers are unequivocally urged to embrace an ICV assessment and affirmation procedure to accomplish an ICV confirmation. The assessment will inspect the abilities of your business inside UAE in zones including:

  • Goods producing
  • Goods acquirement
  • Sub contractual workers
  • Investment
  • Emiratization
  • Expatriate commitment

The confirmation will check these capacities.

Providers are relied upon to finish the Supplier Submission Template and approach one of the ADNOC empaneled affirmation bodies to acquire their ICV testaments. Providers can allude to Supplier Submission rules for help with finishing the accommodation archives. ADNOC will consider ICV affirmation amid the delicate assessment process.

While it isn’t mandatory to hold an ICV authentication to partake in ADNOC Group delicate, providers that have an ICV testament will have advantage amid the offering procedure. (Providers without the declaration will be considered to have 0% ICV).

ADNOC is holding various workshops to teach providers about its ICV program. Additionally, insights with respect to these workshops will be issued at the appropriate time.



 What is the ADNOC In-Country Value (ICV) program?

The ADNOC In-Country Value program is an obtainment drove activity that plans to help support ADNOC’s ICV commitment by concentrating on nearby provider choice, the advancement of UAE Nationals, and the restriction of basic functionalities in the oil and gas industry.


Who will benefit from this?

The ICV program is intended to make profound social and business benefits that add to manageable monetary development and advancement. It will advance GDP enhancement, make openings for work for UAE Nationals in the private-division, and give neighborhood organizations more chances to take an interest in ADNOC contracts and buys. In that capacity, everybody in the nation will profit by the program.


What does the program mean for existing and potential new suppliers?

The dispatch of the program implies that both existing and potential providers should finish an assessment to decide their qualification for an ICV declaration. This authentication is a show that providers are conveying ICV. By choosing qualified providers, ADNOC is currently working towards its own In-Country Value targets.


How do I obtain an ICV certification?

Providers should approach the ADNOC designated confirmation organization for ICV affirmation. All required documentation and points of interest that are required by the certifier must be given by the provider to the motivation behind audit and confirmation.


How will the strategy affect the procurement process and the way that ADNOC does business?

From January 2018, ADNOC is taking In-Country Value into consideration when selecting suppliers for new tenders. Those suppliers that hold certificates with higher ICV percentage will have an advantage during the tender evaluation process.


How will in-country value requirements be defined?

In Country Value is characterized by the accompanying classifications:

Products and materials – In-Country Value is the level of monetary esteem include inside the UAE amid the assembling procedure of merchandise and materials.

In any case, ADNOC claims all authority to alter the above ICV definition and estimation instruments in future.


When will this new policy be implemented?

ADNOC has actualized the program in mid 2018. Providers’ ICV score might be considered amid assessment in each of the tenders from ADNOC gathering.


How often will suppliers be required to review their ICV certificate?

Providers will be relied upon to restore their ICV authentications on a yearly premise or as required.


What happens if a supplier can’t meet these requirements?

Providers that don’t have an ICV confirmation can in any case partake in ADNOC tenders, yet will be considered with 0% of ICV, which in the long run will position them as less focused than providers that have the accreditation.


Will current contracts and/or purchase orders be re-negotiated because of this program?

No. Current contractors and purchase orders will be unaffected by the changes of the ICV program.


For more information, please contact ADNOC Group Procurement team.


Source@ ADNOC website



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