What We Can Offer You

Management Consultancy

We will provide you with the CLEAR GUIDELINE & MOST PRACTICAL SUPPORT SERVICE AVAILABLE. We focus on finding SOLUTIONS we know that work in the local market environment.



  • Company Representation & Business Agency
  • B2B Networking and Market Research
  • Business Setup & PRO Service
  • Accounting & Audit & VAT Advisory
  • Legal Consultancy
  • Insurance Advisory
  • Banking and financial Advisory
  • Arabic Support & Legal Translation

Legal Advisory Support

We work with a number of our partner law firms located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Our managing partner, Huny Hwangbo is also an associate partner at a renowned local law firm called Al Dhaheri International lawfirm and has been advising many foreign clients including Korean government agencies, international banks, large construction companies, multinational corporations in the UAE for the past 8 years and is widely regarded as a leading business advisor in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi for Korean corporate clients.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Support

We have our in-house accounting specialists who work with a Chartered Accountants firms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to manage a number of their accounting needs as an outsourcing accounting division.

With over 10 years experience in the market, we understand well the need of large corporate firms accounting practices in the UAE and all the related accounting policies, regulations, rules pertaining to its accounting & tax issues and rules that your business here in the UAE must consider, including the VAT regulations.

We work closely with our partner accounting firms when it comes to annual audit requirements and to deal with complicated tax issues as such support must be done with the accredited accountants accepted by the Ministry of Economy. In association with our partner accounting firms, our office is capable to provide monthly cashflow reports, day to day cashbook management, Payroll and WPS process support, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting.

Company Representation and Business Agency

We are in partnership with Trustee Service Business Agencies LLC (“Trustee Service”) and recommend Trustee Service as your local partner, national agency, or local commercial agent when you are in need of finding a local agent or partner for national local sponsorship; or company representation.

We have been serving over 20 large corporations with Trustee Service and not even a single incident or complaint that we have received in connection with their dealings with Trustee Service during the past 6 years.

If you are interested to know more about the structuring the company or business in a safe way in the United Arab Emirates, please let us show the way. It is a proven record that we are confident when we recommend Trustee Service for you to consider as your local partner or trustee.

B2B Networking and Market Research

While it has become very easy to collect any information by a simple online search, it remains still very difficult to identify what is the right information from the sea of information that is available. This is particularly the case in the Middle East and relying on a wrong piece of market information can be very costly.

Furthermore, there are many local business inquiries that you simply cannot afford to believe on their face value. It is crucial to do the background checks and due diligence before making any kind of business commitment especially in this part of the globe.

We work with a specialist B2B networking advisory firms and market research consultants to meet the needs of our trading clients who often need a thoroughly prepared market analysis report before entering the market with their products.

We further arrange meetings with potential buyers or distributors in the region and also offer a facility for such meetings to be held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to support the sales personnel visiting from overseas.

Business Setup & Structuring Advice

We have a dedicated team of business consultants and PROs to handle all your business registration works in the United Arab Emirates.


PROs are often required in this part of the world as dealing with government offices such as municipalities, Department of Economic Development (where a commercial license is issued), Ministry of Labor (for work permits), Immigration (for visa applications), Ministry of Economy (for Foreign branches, Trademarks, Commercial agencies, etc), CICPA (for so called “gatepass” for sensitive project sites in Abu Dhabi), Ports & Customs, etc do only accept ARABIC documents and prefers ARABIC language (or at least it works FASTER with ARABIC speaking staff)


We can handle the most of Free Zone registrations for you but often they are easy enough for anyone to understand and apply it by themselves. However, there are certain Free Zone Authorities such as DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre), ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market), Masdar City, etc and also offshore company structures involving JAFZA holding company and/or RAK IBC option that require a good structure and preparation before you begin the process in order to expedite the process and also to avoid any mistakes (which can be costly if one had to rewind the process and to correct them later).

Business Concierge Service

Our customers continue to engage our firm & our associated partner firms to support their everyday business support needs. We call this “support service” as a concierge service.

The scope of services can vary but in effect we help you focus on your core business by focusing on handling everything else to support your main business.

Currently, we have over 10 large international clients, for whom our PRO services are being provided based on a monthly contract. By this way, the clients would have no burden to hire a permanent PROs and office support staff and gets 365 days support without the worry of hiring a wrong staff at a considerable lower price than hiring its own staff.

This support service is most suitable for those companies who has less than 10 permanent staff in their UAE office; or for the first year after entering the market.

Emergency Helpline Service

Just like an INSURANCE, often our clients ask for this Emergency Arabic Support service to gather the peace of mind while living in the UAE. Our team of Arabic staff can be dispatched and on call to help out for whatever your Arabic needs are.

We can translate your documents and act as your interpreter by attending the meetings with you as your secretary or colleague (as per your wish). In the event of any emergency (such as car accidents, police arrests, etc), we will connect you with the local advocates (lawyers) and/or your chosen Embassy staff, or contact your family on your behalf, etc

Web Solutions

Our creative team provides  market-oriented and IT services that suit you and your business needs. These include graphics and web design, development and hosting with capabilities that includes flash micro-sites, professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, custom web and mobile applications, and digital marketing realted to social media management.

With an ever transforming new technologies evolving everyday, we keep up to be on top of the latest developments in the industry, and making sure the work we do for our clients show it.